Law Textbooks

Here you will find an update of our catalogue and pricelist for accounting textbooks used by some of the major learning institutions.

Pricing table

Title Price
Administrative Justice in SA: An Introduction 1ed, Quinot et al590
Administrative Law In SA 2ed, Hoexter730
Administrative Management 4ed, Ferreira/Groenewald470
African Customary Law 1ed, Himonga/Nhlapo 460
Appropriate Dispute Resolution 2ed, Patelia/Chicktay540
Beginner's Guide for Law Students 5ed, Kleyn & Viljoen560
Bills of Exchange 5ed, Malan et al1120
Bill of Rights Handbook 6ed, Currie & de Waal 820
Business Law 5ed, Nagel1030
Business Transaction Law 9ed, Sharrock740
Casebook on Law of Delict 5ed, Neethling850
Casebook Law of Partnership, Co & Insolvency Law 2ed, Loubser400
Casebook SA Family Law 4ed, Heaton960
Casebook SA Law of Persons 5ed, Heaton640
Cases & Materials on Criminal Law 4ed, Burchell880
Civil Procedure: A practical guide 3ed, Palmer et al580
Clinical Law in SA 3ed, Mahomed et al530
Commercial Law 5ed, Nagel1 000
Commercial Law - Fresh Perspectives 3ed, Govindjee et al550
Companies and Other Business Structures in SA 4ed, Davis et al540
Constitutional Law 7ed, Rautenbach et al950
Contract Law Casebook 3ed, Hawthorne & Pretorius540
Criminal Law 6ed, Snyman 920
Criminal Law in SA 2ed, Kemp et al580
Criminal Law Casebook 5ed, Snyman430
Criminal Procedure Handbook 12ed, Bekker et al620
Criminal Procedure Workbook 2ed, Swanepoel et al270
Cyberlaw@SA 3ed, Papadopoulos/Snail 570
English for Law Students 3ed, vd Walt et al480
Environmental Law 2ed, Kidd 600
Fundamental Principles Civil Procedure 3ed, Theophilopoulos et al1060
General Principles of Commercial Law 8ed, Schulze et al 530
Guide to Business Law 6ed, Kopel490
Hockleys Insolvency Law 9ed, Sharrock 620
Hockleys Insolvency Law Casebook 1ed, Sharrock 480
International Law: A SA Perspective 5ed Dugard 700
International Law 1ed, Gevers et al620
Introduction to Intellectual Property Law 1ed, Dean & Dyer620
Introduction to Law and Legal Skills in SA 1ed, du Plessis480
Intro to the Law of Property 7ed, vd Walt & Pienaar630
Introduction to Legal Pluralism 5ed, Bekker et al780
Introduction to South African Law: Fresh Perspectives 2ed, van der Walt et al610
Introduction to SA Banking and Credit Law 2ed, Schoeman540
Introduction to SA Law of Persons 3ed, Robinson250
Jurisprudence 1ed, Meyerson680
Jurisprudence: An Introduction revised 1ed, van Blerk460
Jurisprudence in an African Context 1ed, Bilchitz et al440
Labour Law in Context 2ed, Govindjee et al460
Labour Law Rules 3ed, Mcgregor et al390
Law @ Work 4ed, Van Niekerk820
Law of Banking and Payment in SA 1ed, Sharrock550
Law of Business Structures 1ed, Cassim590
Law of Commerce in SA 2ed, Scott et al550
Law of Contract in SA 3ed, Hutchison et al540
Law of Delict 7ed, Neethling970
Law of Estoppel in SA 3ed, Sonnekus900
Law of Evidence Cases & Statutes 5ed, Terblanche et al540
Law of Evidence in SA: Basic Principles 2nd, Bellengere et al 480
Law of Intellectual Property in SA 2ed, Klopper700
Law of Persons and Family 2ed, Barrat560
Law of Property Casebook 8ed, vd Walt550
Law of Succession 5ed, De Waal480
Law of Succession in SA 3ed, Jamneck et al470
Law of Third Party Compensation 3ed, Klopper980
Legal Principles of Contract and Commercial Law 8ed, Fouche720
Litigation skills for SA lawyers 3ed, Marnewick1300
New Entrepreneurial Law + Companies Act (Set of 2) 1ed, Delport590
Pracitical Guide to Labour Law 8ed, du Plessis & Fouche750
Practical Guide to SA Competition Act 2ed, Neuhoff et al830
Principles of Criminal Law 5ed, Burchell800
Principles of Evidence revised 4ed, Schwikkard et al680
Principles of Law of Property in SA 1ed, Mostert520
Principles of law of sale and lease 3ed, Bradfield/Lehman 370
Private International Law 5ed, Forsyth830
SA Constitutional law in context 1ed, Brand600
SA Family Law 4ed, Heaton680
SA Insurance Law 2ed, Reinecke et al890
SA Law of Persons 5ed, Heaton640
SA Law of Unjustified Enrichment 1ed, du Plessis 750
Sectional Titles and Other Fragmented Property Schemes 1ed, Pienaar660
Silberberg & Schoemans Law of Property 5ed1120
Skills Workbook for Law Students 2ed, Kok et al530
Statutory Interpretation: An Introduction for Students 5ed, Botha380
Student's Guide to the Law of Contract 4ed, Bhana et al630
Tax Law: An Introduction 1ed, Croome et al600