• ISBN9780190721466
    AuthorRossouw & Van Vuuren
      Business Ethics in South Africa 6ed,What is the social responsibility of businesses? What is the role of ethics within corporate governance? How should organisations manage ethics from within? Business Ethics 6ed offers an introduction to the theoretical underpinnings of the field of business ethics, as well as practical guidance on governing and managing ethics in organisations. It tracks global developments in areas such as corporate ethical culture and highlights their relevance within the southern African context. The new edition is aligned with the South African Companies Act and with the Fourth King Report on Corporate Governance. This textbook is suitable for BCom students following courses in ethics and can also be used for graduate and postgraduate modules in business management and human resource management. Given the growing emphasis on corporate governance, the book is also of relevance to business practitioners as it addresses key ethical issues affecting organisations in the twenty-first century.
  • ISBN9780409128284
      The purpose of The Descriptive Accounting IFRS Focus 21st edition by Koppeschaar is to set out the basic principles and conceptual issues of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • ISBN9781473759404
      Colin Drury has been at the forefront of helping students for over thirty years, learn the key concepts and processes in management and cost accounting through his textbooks. Now in its tenth edition, Management and Cost Accounting has been the leading textbook in the field for three decades and continues to blend theory and practice in language that is clear and accessible. As well as covering everything students need to know for management accounting and cost accounting modules on undergraduate courses, or postgraduate students studying these topics for the first time, this book will also help prepare those taking the professional accounting bodies’ management and cost accounting examinations. The new edition has been completely updated to reflect recent developments in the field, and now includes additional emphasis on value creation, and links strategic performance management more closely to divisional financial performance measurement. An entirely new chapter has also been added looking at the challenge’s management accountants will face in the future.
  • ISBN9780639003610
    Edition13 ed
      This Dynamic Auditing 13th edition handbook is based on the educational requirements of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants for entry into Initial Test of Competence Examination of SAICA. It contains changes to statements and legislation up to June 2018.
  • ISBN9781485129578
    Now in its 9th edition, Financial Management 9ed is the leading text on the theory and application of corporate finance in southern Africa. Set against the backdrop of recent developments in financial markets, instruments and financial theory, the text refers to real-world applications and financial decisions by South African companies.
  • ISBN9780409128475
    AuthorBinnekade et al
    The purpose of Group Statements Volume 1 17ed is to set out the principles and conceptual issues of consolidated financial statements as based on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs).  
  • ISBN9780409057225
    AuthorStegmann et al
      The  IFRS Applications3rd edition is to present a series of examples and suggested solutions on the practical application of the most important International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) (that by definition includes International Accounting Standards (IASs)). Free LexisNexis PassPlus to the value of R300 included with the purchase of this title
  • ISBN9781485131281
      Introductory Questions on SA Tax is the first of three publications in the Questions on SA Tax series designed to provide comprehensive tutorial coverage to taxation students. This book covers foundational topics typically dealt with in the first year of the study of tax at an undergraduate level. This tutorial book includes questions and selected solutions on South African income tax and value-added tax. Up-to-date questions are graded, allowing students to develop their abilities at an introductory level.
  • ISBN9781928537977
      Notes on South African Income Tax 2021 is written by Phillip Haupt, a leading tax consultant in South Africa. Phillip Haupt deals with complex tax problems and works predominantly with audit firms, law firms, businesses and high net worth individuals. What makes Notes on South African Income Tax exceptional is its relevance to real-world tax problems. As a leading tax consultant, Phillip Haupt has the advantage of dealing with a variety of clients. Thus, distilled within its pages is knowledge and expertise that have been gained through years of dealing with these clients on a variety of tax problems. As leaders in their respective fields, Phillip’s clients provide insights and specialist knowledge across a range of disciplines. This combination makes Notes on South African Income Tax the only publication with descriptive, intuitive, insightful and clear explanations and application of the law. Imagine you could read a specialist book, which had the knowledge of an entire industry’s top thinkers distilled by the leader in its field. Notes on South African Income Tax is this publication. You can’t afford to be without it!!  
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