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  • ISBN 9780639012063
    Author Bruwer et al
    Edition 1st
      This book A Student’s Approach to Taxation in South Africa 1st edition by Bruwer, was written with the specific purpose of combining in one volume the provisions of the Income Tax Act 58 of 1962, as it applies to individuals and businesses for the year of assessment ending 28 February 2021, for undergraduate students. Simple language is used and the relevant sections of the Act are provided and explained in simple terms.
  • ISBN 9780639008646
    Author Berry et al
    Edition 8th
      About Financial Accounting Vol 1 by Berry et al enables the reader to correctly prepare a full set of financial statements for a sole proprietor according to Generally Accepted Accounting Practice Focuses on the preparation and presentation of the financial statements of partnerships and close corporations in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Practice. Enables the reader to correctly prepare a full set of financial statements for a sole proprietor according to Generally Accepted Accounting Practice Focuses on the preparation and presentation of the financial statements of partnerships and close corporations in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Practice and also deals with the conversion aspects of these entities. Includes important issues regarding partnerships and close corporations, for example, changes in ownership and dissolution.
  • About Financial Accounting Vol 2 (8ed)

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    ISBN 9780639008660
    Author Berry et al
    Edition 8th
      About Financial Accounting Vol 2 (8ed) (suitable for NQF level 6) deals with accounting for partnerships, close corporations, branches and manufacturing entities. Volume 2 also covers some management accounting principles such as budgets and the analysis and interpretation of financial statements. It introduces the reader to companies and discusses ordinary shares and different types of preference shares, the calculation of dividends in respect of the different share types, conversions and debentures issues at par, at a discount and at a premium. This edition has been updated with the March 2018 Conceptual Framework and introduces International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) to readers. The standards that are covered in Volume 2 are IAS 1 (presentation of financial statements), an introduction to financial instruments, and IAS 7 (cash flows).

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  • Academic Literacy 3ed

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    ISBN 9781485130055
    Author Beekman et al
    Edition 3rd
      Academic Literacy is an essential tool for people moving into the tertiary phase of education, to support the achievement of their goals. It covers all the necessary academic skills and competencies for constructive and successful study – not only reading, writing, listening and verbal communication, but also critical thinking, possibly the core skill needed at this level of study. Other skills it aims to develop are: understanding and engaging in academic study; vocabulary; reading for study purposes; argument; paraphrasing and summarizing; writing paragraphs; assignment writing; and preparing for examinations.   Academic Literacy will help you cope with the reading and writing demands of further and higher education. It will also help you be more knowledgeable about yourself, your aspirations, career goals, and how to manage your time and stress more effectively.   New to the 3rd edition:
    • An updated and expanded chapter on developing vocabulary and using dictionaries
    • Renewed focus on critical thinking and reflective writing
    • A refreshed chapter on writing paragraphs, including reflection on constructing effective paragraphs
    • Supplemental text on assignment writing and referencing.
    Key features:
    • An accessible and practical and hands-on approach to the subject that offers the key skills required for academic success
    • Example texts from a range of disciplines
    • Written at an appropriate level for 1st-year students
  • Accounting For All 3rd edition

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    ISBN 9781485129745
    Author Schutte
    Edition 3rd
    Accounting for All 3rd edition aims to help students master introductory accounting courses, and covers the key topics in the financial accounting and cost accounting disciplines. Now updated, it has been further enhanced by two new topics - partnerships and non-profit organisations (NPOs) - giving students a broader coverage of the business environment.
  • ISBN 9781485129721
    Author Opperman et al
    Edition 18th
      The Accounting Standards 18th edition is intended for Financial Accounting second- or third-year students or students requiring an introduction to accounting standards. It introduces students to the principles of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). The accounting principles are illustrated through questions which gradually increase in difficulty. This approach facilitates students’ understanding of these principles and enables them to get to grips with financial statements in a practical manner. An indication is given when a question contains topics that are not in the revised SAICA syllabus, but may be relevant for other syllabi or for the further enrichment of students’ understanding. Accounting Standards is designed to meet students’ requirements while at the same time reducing the lecturers’ workload. Solutions to all the questions are provided to lecturers at prescribing institutions  
  • ISBN 9781485130963
    Author Ferreira
    Edition 5th
      A successful and competent administrative manager is integral to any profitable and efficient organisation or working environment. Administrative Management has been written specifically for people working in the field of administrative and information management, as well as those studying Administrative Management at higher education institutions. The content is specific to the South African market, and it is the only local textbook on this topic. This fifth edition of Administrative Management contains updated information and includes the latest trends in the different topics
  • ISBN 9781485131267
    Author Parsons et al
    Edition 6th
      Advanced Questions on SA Tax 6th edition is the third and final publication in the Question on SA Tax series designed to provide comprehensive tutorial coverage to taxation students. This book covers advanced topics and integrated questions. Its complementary publications, Introductory Questions on SA Tax and Questions on SA Tax, cover foundational topics and those typically dealt with in the study of tax at an undergraduate level. This tutorial book includes questions and selected solutions on South African income tax, estate duty and value-added tax. Up-to-date questions are graded, allowing students to develop their abilities from an introductory to an advanced level.  
  • ISBN 9780199057184
    Author  Himonga et al
    Edition 1st
      African Customary Law in South Africa: Post-Apartheid and Living Law Perspectives provides a clear introduction to African customary law in South Africa. The text provides a structure for understanding the nature and overarching system of customary law, illustrating the distinctness of African customary law in relation to other areas of South African law. It explores the dynamic, foundational precepts and values of living customary law, which are vital to understanding the role and application of this system of law.
  • Applied Strategic Marketing 5th edition

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    ISBN 9781485707127
    Author Berndt et al
    Edition 5th
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      Applied strategic marketing discusses the strategic role of marketing management in modern organisations. The focus is on how managers choose and manage the markets they serve, how they handle competition and what strategies they devise in order to build brand value and customer relationships. This book guides the reader through the different phases of the strategic planning process and provides a framework for designing and implementing a marketing plan. Building on the success of the third edition's chapters customer analysis, brand and relationship building strategies and measurements of marketing strategies, the revised fourth edition also deals with contemporary issues such as globalisation, sustainability and innovation. Applied strategic marketing in anchored in the South African environment and discusses the impact of global trends. This book offers great value to students and practitioners of strategic marketing.
  • ISBN 9780639001265
    Author  Coetzee et al
    Edition 1st
      Assurance an Audit Perspective by Coetzee et al is focused on a broader approach for all assurance providers (including both internal and external auditors) and addresses various advanced concepts that assurance providers need an understanding of.
  • ISBN 9780409119817
    Author Lexis Nexis
    Edition 2nd
      The Auditing: Legislation and Standards  book consists of three parts. Part One: Legislation, Part Two: The King Code and Report, and Part Three: The International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing. Legislation includes the Companies Act No. 71 of 2008, Close Corporations Act No. 69 of 1984, Auditing Profession Act No. 26 of 2005 and Public Finance Management Act No.1 of 1999.
  • ISBN  9780639008622
    Author Jackson & Stent
    Edition 11th
      This Auditing Notes for South African Students 11th edition book has been compiled specifically to assist students at tertiary institutions in South Africa with their studies in auditing. Free LexisNexis PassPlus to the value of R300 included with the purchase of this title.
  • ISBN 9780627037191
    Author Cloete
    Edition 3rd
      Basic accounting for non-accountants 3ed by Cloete, is an introductory text that covers both financial accounting and cost and management accounting. It is designed to equip students with a sound basic knowledge of both accounting fields. This book is ideally suited for students with little or no prior accounting background and can be used as a theoretical basis for the advancement of their lifelong learning. The book covers a wide range of topics relating to accountancy including: drawing up a basic financial statement; interpreting financial statements using ratio analysis; calculating the cost of products; preparing budgets; short-term decision making. Basic and comprehensive illustrative examples that are easy to understand have been included. This third edition also covers a new topic – capital budgeting.  
  • ISBN 9781485128342
    Author Kleyn & Viljoen
    Edition 5 ed
      The fifth edition of Beginner’s Guide for Law Students is a foundational text which introduces first-year law students to: • basic legal terminology and definitions; • the South African legal system’s objectives, history and subdivisions; and • legal research skills. Students are introduced to the law as it stands, in accessible terms, with reference to the different sources of law and popular media, to demonstrate how the law affects the everyday lives of individuals and groups in South Africa. Without detracting from the book’s accessibility, students are made aware of the law’s complexity, contestability and uncertainties. Beginner's Guide for Law Students 5ed goes further in exposing students to critical voices on existing law and encourages students to start developing their own informed opinions about the legal system and what it can and cannot achieve in addressing South African problems today. Students are invited to continuously reflect on the implications of the ‘transformative’ Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 for the various dimensions of law. However, it is also shown that transformative constitutionalism is not the be-all and end-all of South African law, free from its own limits and criticism. As such, relevant 'decolonial' critiques of transformative constitutionalism are explored.  
  • ISBN 9780702199998
    Author Currie & De Waal
    Edition 6th
      The Constitution informs every aspect of our legal system and every instance of interpretation and application of that system. The Bill of Rights Handbook’s detailed coverage of all aspects of Bill of Rights jurisprudence and practice has made it the standard reference work for this important area of law, and it has been extensively relied upon and quoted by the judiciary. The sixth edition of the Handbook is a comprehensive account of over two decades of jurisprudence interpreting and applying the Bill of Rights. The work has been thoroughly revised, in particular to cover developments in the areas of constitutional jurisdiction, remedies and socio-economic rights.
  • ISBN 9780409075359
    Author Kruger et al
    Edition 5th
      Broomberg on Tax Strategy 5ed, A practical and strategic commentary on achieving tax efficiency, both corporate and personal. Nearly every economic act has a tax implication, whether it relates to income tax or VAT. Timeous tax planning can often achieve positive tax savings, while a failure to apply your mind to the efficacy of a transaction could conceivably cause fiscal catastrophe. This work is aimed at providing the information necessary to enable parties to achieve tax efficiency and savings. The work discusses a range of contracts with tax implications including sale of a business, service contracts, damages/compensation payments.
  • ISBN 9780190721466
    Author Rossouw & Van Vuuren
    Edition 6th
      Business Ethics in South Africa 6ed,What is the social responsibility of businesses? What is the role of ethics within corporate governance? How should organisations manage ethics from within? Business Ethics 6ed offers an introduction to the theoretical underpinnings of the field of business ethics, as well as practical guidance on governing and managing ethics in organisations. It tracks global developments in areas such as corporate ethical culture and highlights their relevance within the southern African context. The new edition is aligned with the South African Companies Act and with the Fourth King Report on Corporate Governance. This textbook is suitable for BCom students following courses in ethics and can also be used for graduate and postgraduate modules in business management and human resource management. Given the growing emphasis on corporate governance, the book is also of relevance to business practitioners as it addresses key ethical issues affecting organisations in the twenty-first century.
  • ISBN 9781485125136
    Author Nel & De Beer
    Edition 3rd
      No business exists in a vacuum – it is impacted on by a constantly evolving world which presents new challenges and opportunities every day. To cope with these, a business should be proactive and adaptive, not just at an operational level, but at a functional and strategic level as well. Business Management: A Contemporary Approach focuses specifically on the functions of the business organisation and how to respond to changes in the micro- and macro-environment, and in the market. The third edition of Business Management: A Contemporary Approach includes new features and updated content, such as:
    • New case studies applying theory to practical situations
    • Experiential exercises and multiple-choice questions
    • Up-to-date theory on the functions of the business organisation
    • In-depth analysis of the relevant issues of corporate citizenship, globalisation and international trade.
  • Casebook SA Family Law 4ed

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    ISBN  9780409120615
    Author Heaton
    Edition 4th
  • ISBN 9780409129038
    Author Heaton
    Edition 5th
      The casebook on the South African law of persons 5ed by Heaton, provides clear and concise analysis of the facts and principles enunciated by the courts on the law of persons. It contains commentary and extracts from cases referred to in The South African law of persons.    
  • ISBN 9780190411268
    Author Palmer et al
    Edition 3rd
    • The text offers an introduction to the rules of civil procedure, in a comprehensive, yet clear and accessible manner.
    • The text is applied in approach, supporting teaching and learning in a manner which integrates theory with application. The expertise of experienced practitioners brings an insightful aspect to the applied focus.
    • The text is supported by an expanded contents section, numerous diagrams and precedent examples, and a comprehensive glossary of terms.
    • Teaching and learning resources support class teaching and assist students to develop the application skills required to master their studies.
  • ISBN 9780190745721
    Author Davis
    Edition 4th
      Companies and other Business Structures in South Africa, fourth edition, offers a clear and practical introduction to the law relating to companies, close corporations, business trusts, partnerships and financial markets. The fourth edition is comprehensively revised and updated to address the extensive development of common law jurisprudence that has emerged in the recent period. In particular, the text succinctly analyses the complex body of case law developments within the spheres of corporate governance, insider trading and business rescue, and provides a chapter that addresses the winding up and deregistration of companies. The text explains the law relating to corporate finance with an interdisciplinary (legal, accounting and management accounting) approach, and situates discussion of the recently promulgated Financial Markets Act 19 of 2012 within the context of insider trading and financial markets.
  • ISBN 9781485125143
    Author Brijball
    Edition 4th
      Consumer Behaviour 4th edition by Brijball focuses on consumer needs, buying behaviour, and the art of customer satisfaction. It provides invaluable insight into the psychology behind consumer thinking, emotions, experiences and reasoning, as well as how choices between products/services, suppliers and product brands are made. A unique South perspective on consumer information-processing, decision-making and buying patterns is emphasized through the lens of culture, family, media and values. This perspective will inform academics in the marketing field as well as industry practitioners on how customized marketing strategies can be developed to effectively reach each consumer. The significant impact of the growth of the millennial market segment, the use of digital technology, and access to shared experiences through social media and other online channels, is also explored.
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