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Administrative Justice in SA: An Introduction 1ed

9780199056576 R640.00

Algemene beginsels van kommersiele reg 8ed

9781485106302 R600.00

Beginners Guide for Law Students

9781485128342 R580.00

Companies & Other Business Structures in SA 4ed

9780190745721 R540.00

General Principles of Commercial Law 9ed

9781485134930 R600.00

Introduction to Law and Legal Skills in SA 1ed

9780195994636 R480.00

Introduction to the Law of Property 7ed

9781485109303 R650.00

Law of Contract in SA 3ed

9780190419820 R580.00

Law of Delict 7ed

9780409118391 R1,050.00

Law of Succession 5ed

9781485108559 R520.00

Skills Workbook for Law Students 2ed

9780702179297 R540.00

Statutory Interpretation: An Introduction for Students

9780702198588 R410.00

Workplace Law 12ed

9781485120643 R790.00
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