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Applied Accounting 1ed

9780190423919 R440.00

Applied Business Statistics

9781485111931 R500.00

Auditing Fundamentals in a SA Context

9780190749040 R500.00

Auditing Fundamentals in SA Context: Graded Questions

9780190416034 R510.00

Business Ethics in South Africa

9780190721466 R470.00

Corporate Finance SA Perspective

9780195996012 R540.00

Financial Accounting IFRS Principles 5ed

9780199049233 R530.00

Financial Management

9781485129578 R820.00

Financial Management: Turning Theory into Practice

9780199048168 R620.00

Fundamentals of South African Income Tax 2019

9781643162416? ? R680.00

Introduction to Marketing A Southern African Perspective 1ed

9780627035999 R450.00

Labour Relations SA Perspective

9781485125730 R580.00

Leadership in African Context

9781485111788 R550.00

Legal Principles of Contract and Commercial Law

9780409121759 R720.00

Macroeconomics: Global & SA Perspective

9781775786184 R600.00


9780199077366 R470.00
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