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About Financial Accounting Vol 1 (8ed)

9780639008646 R820.00

Accounting Standards

9781485129721 R670.00

Administrative Law In South Africa 2ed

9780702194276 R780.00

Advanced Questions on SA Tax 5ed 2020

9781485130260 R310.00

Assurance an Audit Perspective 1ed

9780639001265 R600.00

Auditing: Legislation and Standards 2ed

9780409119817 R570.00

Beginner's Guide for Law Students

9781485128342 R580.00

Business Ethics in South Africa

9780190721466 R510.00

Business Law 6ed

9780639008929 R1,080.00

Clinical Law in SA 3ed

9780409052985 R570.00

Commercial Law 6ed

9780639008905 R1,100.00

Companies & Other Business Structures in SA

9780190745721 R540.00

Constitutional Law 7ed

9780639004341 R990.00

Criminal Law 6ed

9780409053081 R970.00
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