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Business Law 5ed

9780409123906 R1,030.00

Clinical Law in SA

9780409052985 R530.00

Constitutional Law 7ed

9780639004341 R1,000.00

Criminal Law

9780409053081 R920.00

Fundamental Principles Civil Procedure 3ed

9780409121674 R1,060.00

Introduction to Legal Pluralism in South Africa 5ed

9780639000817 R780.00

Introduction to South African Banking and Credit Law 2ed

9780409113495 R540.00

Law @ Work

9780409078404 R820.00

Law of Delict

9780409118391 R970.00

Malan on Bills of Exchange 5ed

9780409033656 R1,120.00

Managing Human Resource Development 5ed

9780409125689 R1,000.00

Student Handbook for Civil Procedure 7ed

9780409121698 R590.00
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