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African Customary Law in SA 1ed

9780199057184 R460.00

Beginners Guide for Law Students

9781485128342 R620.00

Bill of Rights Handbook 6ed

9780702199998 R940.00

Casebook SA Family Law 4ed

9780409120615 R1,000.00

Casebook SA Law of Persons

9780409129038 R680.00

Companies & Other Business Structures in SA 4ed

9780190745721 R570.00

Criminal Law 6ed

9780409053081 R970.00

Criminal Procedure Handbook 13ed

9781485133896 R710.00

Cyberlaw@SA 3ed

9780627028076 R590.00

General Principles of Commercial Law 9ed

9781485134930 R640.00

Hockleys Insolvency Law 9ed

9780702198663 R710.00

Information Communications Technology Law 2ed

9780409118308 R840.00

International Law 1ed

9780199050154 R670.00

Introduction to Law and Legal Skills in SA 1ed

9780195994636 R480.00

Introduction to Legal Pluralism in South Africa 5ed

9780639000817 R820.00

Labour Law Rules 3rd

9781928309130 R390.00
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