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Administrative Justice in SA: An Introduction 1ed

9780199056576 R640.00

Advanced Case Studies in External Auditing & Corporate Governance 16ed

9780639816807 R450.00

Advanced Questions on SA Tax 5ed

9781485130260 R310.00

African Customary Law in SA 1ed

9780199057184 R460.00

Annotated IFRS Standards 2018/2019 aka SAICA Student HB Vol 1 (5 books)

9780639001210 R910.00

Applied Business Statistics 5ed

9781485130499 R500.00

Appropriate Dispute Resolution 2ed

9780409123289 R570.00

Assurance an Audit Perspective 1ed

9780639001265 R600.00

Assurance, Risk and Governance: An International Perspective

9781485129820 R450.00

Auditing Notes for SA Students

9780409124606 R680.00

Business Transaction Law

9781485119425 R800.00

Cases & Materials on Criminal Law 4ed

9781485109365 R940.00

Clinical Law in SA

9780409052985 R530.00

Commercial Law - Fresh Perspectives 3ed

9781485702092 R550.00

Companies & Other Business Structures in SA

9780190745721 R540.00

Concepts & Questions in Financial Accounting 6ed (Bundle)

9781485129523 R680.00
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