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Administrative Law In South Africa 2ed

9780702194276 R840.00

Appropriate Dispute Resolution 2ed

9780409123289 R570.00

Dugard's International Law: A SA Perspective 5ed

9781485128281 R810.00

Environmental Law 2ed

9780702185458 R690.00

Fundamental Principles Civil Procedure 3ed

9780409121674 R1,110.00

International Law 1ed

9780199050154 R670.00

Introduction to Intellectual Property Law 1ed

9780199045792 R620.00

Introduction to South African Banking and Credit Law 2ed

9780409113495 R570.00

Jurisprudence in an African Context

9780199048496 R520.00

Law of Banking and Payment in SA 1ed

9780702199783 R640.00

Law of Delict 7ed

9780409118391 R1,050.00

Law of Evidence in South Africa: Basic Principles 2ed

9780190733469 R500.00

Law of Persons and Family 2ed

9781928226802 R590.00

Practical Guide to SA Competition Act 2ed

9780409113693 R850.00

Principles of Law of Property in SA 2ed

9780190733001 R550.00

South African Insurance Law 2ed

9780409052626 R930.00
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