ISBN 9780190738587
Author Kunz et al
Edition 3rd


Auditing Fundamentals in a South African Context: Graded Questions offers applied question material which supports students’ learning and development throughout the undergraduate level of the B.Com, B.Compt, and B.Acc (Accounting) Auditing curriculum. The second edition offers substantially expanded content, providing many additional questions in every area of the curriculum.


  • Questions are organised from a basic level, to advanced, integrated questions, allowing students to progress through the levels of application as they reinforce learning.
  • Multiple authorship of the question book delivers a balanced variation in the question presentation style, offering a selection of styles representative of various respected academic institutions.
  • Selected solutions are provided within the text.
  • Solutions to all questions in the second edition are available to prescribing lecturers on the Oxford University Press Learning Zone website.
  • In addition to the questions in the text, there are many new, unseen questions available to lecturers who prescribe this text, on the Learning Zone site.