ISBN 9780190738587
Author Kunz et al
Edition 3rd


Auditing Fundamentals in a South African Context: Graded Questions 3e, o¬ffers a robust stock of applied question material that enables e¬ffective learning throughout the undergraduate auditing curriculum.
Testing all concepts from introductory to advanced level, the work provides a broad range of questions that are structured to assess varying levels of knowledge. The text’s helpful guidance feature assists students to independently advance their knowledge and to develop a sound mastery of exam technique, and advanced level questions support e¬ffective integration of knowledge.
The third edition of the work includes material that is revised and updated to reflect recent developments within the spheres of ethics and corporate governance. In
addition, the work o¬ffers a substantial number of new questions relating to substantive procedures for all the major account balances and classes of transactions; in order to support e¬ffective, independent learning, this material is su pported with guided, principle-based explanation.
Auditing Fundamentals in a South African Context: Graded Questions is designed to complement the structure and approach of the textbook Auditing Fundamentals in a South African Context, making these ideal companion volumes, whilst also functioning e¬ffectively as a stand-alone question book.