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ISBN 9781485133179
Author Grogan
Edition 3rd

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Collective Labour Law is the most thorough and comprehensive single work available on the law governing the often-tempestuous relationship between organised labour and employers in South Africa. The book covers topics such as the recognition of trade unions as bargaining agents, how organisational rights are acquired and lost, the collective bargaining process, strikes and lock-outs. Examples drawn from the case law, with which the book is copiously illustrated, provide the reader with insight not only into the law but also into the events that led to the conflicts which ended up in the courts. The book is written in the clear and readable style for which the author has become acclaimed, and each topic is extensively illustrated with examples drawn from the case law.

Collective Labour Law forms one volume of a quartet by the author, which together covers the entire field of labour law as it has developed in South Africa to date. The book is also available in electronic form, which is updated quarterly.

Key Benefits:

  • Written in a clear and lively style by an author with over 25 years’ experience as a judge, arbitrator, advocate, author and academic
  • Sets out the principles underlying each issue discussed, and illustrates them with examples drawn from decided cases
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