ISBN 9781485129523
Author Kolitz
Edition 6th


The Concepts & Questions in Financial Accounting 6th edition of A Concepts-based Introduction to Financial Accounting is up to date with the latest requirements of International Financial Reporting Standards. It incorporates expanded pedagogical features such as learning path tools at the beginning of each chapter and extracts from published financial statements within each chapter that relate to the chapter content. These complement the existing features including the highlighting of key definitions in the text and the integration of pause and reflect scenarios in each chapter.

This textbook has an accompanying question book by DL Kolitz and CL Service, M Kolitz, and G Adams “Questions, Exercises and Problems in Financial Accounting: A Concepts-Based Introduction”.

This book of questions, exercises and problems has been prepared to accompany the textbook, A Concepts-Based Introduction to Financial Accounting by David Kolitz. It has corresponding chapters for ease of reference. Questions, exercises and problems in Financial Accounting can also be used independently of the Kolitz text as a tutorial tool for financial accounting courses at a tertiary level.

Each chapter is divided into a selection of questions, exercises and problems.

  • The questions are multiple choice and ensure understanding of a topic before moving on to the exercises and problems.
  • The exercises are generally shorter and less complex than the problems, and can be used to develop proficiency in a topic where students are expected to reach the standard of the problems. Where the level of the course dictates, the exercises can be used instead of the problems.
  • The problems are longer and more complex in nature, requiring an in-depth understanding of the topic.

In addition, there are three revision sets (after chapters 10, 16 and 23) which provide comprehensive coverage of material covered in earlier chapters. These are also excellent exam preparation material.