ISBN 9780627028076
Author Papadopoulos
Edition 3rd


The internet has transformed the world of work in ways that could not have been imagined even a decade ago. Almost anything we do is intimately connected to information creation, retrieval, processing or management. Regardless of perceived ethical or enforcement limitations, laws have become increasingly significant, from the protection of copyright to the enforcement of online contracts. Cyberlaw@SA III: the law of the internet in South Africa provides specialist insight into the myriad legal issues generated by the convergence of technologies and the rise of the internet. The third edition of Cyberlaw@SA is a comprehensive and updated version of the original text and covers a wide range of topics and new areas of discussion in the field of cyberlaw, including going more in-depth on issues of e-taxation, cybercrime laws, and the processing of e-evidence and its value in civil and criminal proceedings. Contents include the following: ISP liability and take down notice procedure; IT risk management, cyber liability and dispute resolution; Internet defamation, pornography and hate speech; Telecommunication licences and regulation; Interception of online communications at the workplace; Online consumer protection and spamming; Electronic signatures, encryption and authentication; Software patents, trademarks and domain names. Cyberlaw@SA III is a specialist work aimed at researchers, lawyers, magistrates, judges, students as well as other professionals such as auditors, accountants, law enforcement officers, forensic investigators, IT managers and company directors who deal with the use and implications of technology on a daily basis.