Availability1st Week of Jan 2021
AuthorTax Consulting


Imminent Changes in Tax for Expats
From 1 March 2021, expats could be liable for up to 45% tax. This title will assist both employers and individual expatriates explore their tax obligation post March 2021.

“This book will doubtless be essential reading for anyone advising his or her client with regard to the tax consequences of migration.” Judge DM Davis

Where international employees or individuals have interests in multiple jurisdictions, the resultant tax consequences can be complex and demand a deeper understanding of South African and international tax regulations. This publication unpacks the complexities of expatriate taxes from a South African perspective in a manner that speaks to the tax specialist – as well as to the concerned taxpayer – who wish to obtain a meaningful grasp of the law.

It is unique in that it deals with aspects of international mobility; including work visa strategies, citizenship, retirement funding, international remuneration, international share schemes and exchange control considerations.