ISBN 9781928537977
Author Haupt
Edition 2021


Notes on South African Income Tax 2021 is written by Phillip Haupt, a leading tax consultant in South Africa. Phillip Haupt deals with complex tax problems and works predominantly with audit firms, law firms, businesses and high net worth individuals.

What makes Notes on South African Income Tax exceptional is its relevance to real-world tax problems. As a leading tax consultant, Phillip Haupt has the advantage of dealing with a variety of clients. Thus, distilled within its pages is knowledge and expertise that have been gained through years of dealing with these clients on a variety of tax problems.

As leaders in their respective fields, Phillip’s clients provide insights and specialist knowledge across a range of disciplines. This combination makes Notes on South African Income Tax the only publication with descriptive, intuitive, insightful and clear explanations and application of the law.
Imagine you could read a specialist book, which had the knowledge of an entire industry’s top thinkers distilled by the leader in its field. Notes on South African Income Tax is this publication. You can’t afford to be without it!!