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Portfolio Management for Financial Advisors


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ISBN 9780620865609
Author Sarpong
Edition 1st

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Portfolio Management for Financial Advisors aims to provide both financial planning practitioners and students with the requisite theoretical and practical foundations of portfolio management. Chapter 1 presents an overview of the asset management industry and looks at the different segments and developments in the industry. Chapter 2 discusses the role of financial advisors as money doctors and reviews recent studies on the value of advice and how financial advisors can effectively execute their role as money doctors. Chapter 3 focuses on Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) and presents a historical discussion as well as the major MPT concepts relevant to financial advisors. Chapter 4 covers behavioural finance and discusses the historical development as well as the different arguments in behavioural finance. The portfolio management process is covered in Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 deals with measuring investment risk and return, the construction of efficient portfolios, issues in portfolio selection and some recent studies in the robo-advisory space.

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