ISBN 9780409044850
Author Myburgh et al
Edition Lexis Nexis


Reviews in the Labour Courts by Bosch, is a seminal commentary work that covers the principles of judicial review in South African labour law. The Constitutional Court in the leading judgment of Sidumo, set out the test on review, Is the decision reached by the commissioner one that a reasonable decision-maker could not reach. Whilst the Sidumo test’ appeared narrow, the CC found that CCMA awards constitute administrative action and so the constitutional standard of reasonableness suffuses s 145 of the LRA. The result is a massive body of case law which continues to grow making it difficult for busy practitioners to keep pace. Reviews in the Labour Courts provides excellent guidance for practitioners bringing and defending review applications in the Labour Courts. Every now and then a law book is written that fills a notable gap in the bookshelves of practising lawyers. This is such a book. Murphy J