Availability 1st Week of Jan 2021
ISBN 9780639009414
Author Venter et al
Edition 2021


This book was written with the specific purpose of combining in one concise volume the provisions of the Income Tax Act 58 of 1962 (the Act) as it applies to individuals. This volume does, however, contain information relating to the income tax implications of certain sole trader activities.

Simple language has been used and the relevant sections of the Act are provided and explained in simple terms. Steps are used to explain certain topics. This is especially handy for those students who use distance education. At the end of each chapter, there are exam preparation questions with solutions that can be used to revise the various principles of the chapter. Each chapter begins with the learning outcome of each topic, in the form of critical questions, which enables the student to determine, by way of these questions, whether he or she understands the topic and can apply the principles. The content is directed at the undergraduate student and will provide students with answers to most of their questions regarding the taxation of natural persons. This work is not written for the tax practitioner, but may in fact be used by general accountants for addressing basic tax problems. This edition is updated with legislation amendments to end of October 2019, and includes all legislative amendments promulgated before that date.