1. How can I contact you?
You can call us during business hours or WhatsApp us or Email us on the details listed on our website menu Contact Us. Please do not duplicate the process by WhatsApp and Email. Our preference is for written communication such as WhatsApp or Email so as to prevent misunderstanding and preferably Email which provides a proper and professional audit trail.

2. Do you have a physical store

Yes at 19 Campbell Road Parktown Johannesburg.

3. How can I find you?

You will find our address, map and directions under website menu Contact Us.
Or search Discount Textbooks on Google maps.
Or you will find it on our What’s App profile

4. What are your business hours?

8 to 5 on weekdays and 8 to 1 on Saturdays.
Closed on Sundays and Public holidays.

5. Are your books brand-new?

We only sell brand-new books and latest editions.

6. Do you buy second-hand books?


7. Where could I sell my second-hand books?
You could try any of the online sites such as Gumtree or OLX or advertise it on the campus noticeboard. The books are generally worthless if the edition has changed.

8. Where could I donate my old books?

We not aware of anybody that accepts old books but you could try the campus and municipal libraries.

9. Do you sell school books?

No we only do university accounting and law books but if you have a confirmed bulk order for school books, we could assist with the most competitive price.

10. Is there a later edition than the one you have on your website?

No the edition that you see on our website is the latest edition.

11. Can I get an older edition to the one on your website?

We prefer you having the latest edition just like how you would prefer having the latest smart phone. Most publishers pulp the old edition. In exceptional circumstances, it might be possible to obtain an old edition. Please email us your request.

12. Why is my university prescribing an old edition?

Sometimes the lecturers are not aware of a new edition. In other instances, they may be reluctant to amend their study material to fall in line with the new edition. It is up to you to insist on the latest edition.

13. How do I find a book on your website?

Search on the top where you see the magnifying glass by typing the title or author or ISBN. If you don’t know the name of the book, then Search by Subject on the Menu bar and scroll through all the books on the Subject.

14. How do I check if you have stock?

It will reflect under the image.

15. Do you deliver?

Yes at a cost of R 90 up to a maximum weight of 15 kg.

16. Do you deliver yourselves?

No we utilise an external courier company for deliveries.

17. Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to your home or office.

18. How long does delivery take?

Orders are delivered by courier service and delivery takes 1 to 3 business days from date of receipt of payment depending on the order’s destination. The closer you are to a main centre, the quicker the delivery. For EFT payments, an additional one business day will have to be added for the funds to reflect on our account to those mentioned below.
Main Centres (JHB/PTA/CPT/DBN/PE/EL/PMB/BFN/PKW/KIM/NLP/GRJ)  1 to 2 business days
Regional Centres (40km plus, outside of the areas listed above)  1 to 3 business days
Outlying Areas  2 to 3 business days
Please note that exceptional circumstances (less than 5%) will arise resulting in you not receiving your books within the timeframes above such as:
– shipment being misdirected to another center
– breakdown of Courier vehicle
– strikes and protest action
– traffic
– recipient not answering their phone during delivery
– recipient taking too long to come down to accept delivery
– courier not being allowed inside security estates and complexes
– lockdown
– force majeure
If you haven’t received your books within the maximum timeframes above, please email us so that may chase up with the couriers. We request you to be patient whilst we investigate and endeavour to ensure that you receive your delivery timeously.

19. Definition of business day

Business day means Monday to Friday excluding public holidays. The days are calculated from the business day after placement of order.
If you placed the order before 2 PM on Monday, 1 to 2 business days means Tuesday or Wednesday.
If you placed your order on Saturday, 1 to 2 business days means Tuesday or Wednesday ie. order will be dispatched on the next business day which is Monday.

20. Definition of dispatch

Dispatched means the sender has packed and handed over the order to the delivery company.

21. What is your cut-off time for dispatch?

Your order will need to reach us before 2 PM for it to be dispatched the same day.

22. Definition of cash deposit?

Cash deposit is defined as money that is injected via an ATM machine or through a bank teller.

23. Do you charge a cash deposit fee?

Yes we do at 2% of the total transaction value. Reason we incur exorbitant bank charges for cash deposits.

24. Definition of electronic fund transfer

Electronic fund transfer (EFT) is electronic transfer of money from one bank account to another, either within a single financial institution or across multiple institutions, via computer-based systems, without the direct intervention of bank staff.

25. How long does it take for an electronic fund transfer to reflect in your account?

It normally takes one (1) business day before the funds reflect in our account. Orders are only dispatched after the funds reflect in our account.
If you did an EFT before close of business on Monday, your funds should reflect on our account on Tuesday.
If you did an EFT on Saturday, your funds should reflect on our account on Tuesday.

26. How can I check if you have processed my order?

Click on Order Status on the top menu bar. Enter your Order ID and email address. This will show the following:
– Processing
– Pending payment in our account
– Completed
– On backorder
– Cancelled (where funds don’t reflect in our account)

27. Can I track my order after you have sent it with your couriers?

We will email you a Shipment Status Update from our couriers which will send you several email alerts from the time your shipment has left our premises until it has been delivered to you.

28. Can I give you a date and time for delivery or can you call me before delivery?

No, we utilise an external courier company for delivery. Somebody needs to be at the address during business hours to accept delivery. We cannot stipulate a time or date for delivery or request that they call before delivery.

29. What time do you couriers deliver?

They deliver during business hours (8-5) and on business days (Monday to Friday).

30. When will you deliver the rest of my books if one (1) of the books I ordered is showing on backorder?

We will deliver all your books together when the outstanding book arrives. This is because the couriers charge us separately for each delivery. If you require the rest of the books urgently, we recommend you do 2 separate orders meaning 2 separate delivery fees.

31. Do you do same-day deliveries?

Subject to courier availability and provided the request is made before 10 AM, this could be arranged in exceptional circumstances for only Johannesburg deliveries within a radius of 30 km of city center at a cost of R 500. You will need to call us and make special arrangements regarding this.

32. Do you do international deliveries?

No we don’t but you can arrange collection with your couriers from us.

33. What is your returns policy?

Due to copyright laws, we do not accept any returns or exchange except for defective books on production of invoice. In the event of a defective or misprinted book, we will gladly exchange it for you. If we don’t have stock, we will refund you.
We urge you to make informed decisions and to be 100% certain before placing an order.

34. How long are your prices valid for?

Our prices are valid for the calendar year unless:
there has been a publisher’s price increase
subject to stock availability
subject to exchange rate fluctuations for imported titles
exceptional circumstances

35. Do the prices include VAT?

Yes prices include VAT at 15%.

36. Are you VAT registered?

Yes we are with VAT number 4740223930.

37. Will you give me a tax invoice?

Yes we will give you a tax invoice in compliance with section 20(5) of the Value-Added Tax Act 89 of 1991.

38. When will I receive my tax invoice?

A tax invoice will be emailed to you after you have paid and after your order has been processed and completed. You will also receive a second copy tax invoice with your delivery.

39. Can you give me a tax invoice before payment?

Unfortunately not. Reason – we will incur a VAT output liability to SARS upon processing a tax invoice and stock will be removed from our system. Our stock will not balance and should you decide not to proceed with the purchase, we will have to process a credit note. Hence most businesses such as Shoprite, Makro, Foschini and Spar will not issue you with a tax invoice prior to payment.

40. If you can’t give me a tax invoice before payment, what can you give me?

We will give you a pro forma invoice. You can generate this online by adding your books to quote. Refer point 59 on how to do a quote.

41. What if I need my company’s details and VAT number on the tax invoice?

You will need to insert this online before checkout. In terms of section 20(5) of the Value-Added Tax Act 89 of 1991, this is only necessary if the value of your purchases is above R 5000.

42. What if I have forgotten to insert the details required on my tax invoice prior to checkout?

Unfortunately we cannot amend this later. We cannot insert details on your tax invoice ex post facto. Please make sure to insert the details required prior to checkout.

43. What are the legal requirements for a valid tax invoice?
The following criteria must be met on an abridged tax invoice (this is required where the supply (including VAT) does not exceed R5000):
1. Contains the words Tax Invoice, VAT Invoice or Invoice;
2. Name, address and VAT registration number of the supplier;
3. Serial number and date of issue of invoice;
4. Accurate description of goods and /or services; and
5. Value of the supply, the amount of tax charged and the consideration of the supply.
Note: all 5 criteria must be met for the invoice to meet the requirements of an abridged Tax Invoice

The following criteria must be met on a full tax invoice (this is required where the supply (including VAT) exceeds R5 000):
1. Contains the words Tax Invoice, VAT Invoice or Invoice;
2. Name, address and VAT registration number of the supplier;
3. Name, address and where the recipient is a vendor, the recipient’s VAT registration number;
4. Serial number and date of issue of invoice;
5. Accurate description of goods and /or services (indicating where the applicable goods are second hand);
6. Quantity or volume of goods or services supplied; and
7. Value of the supply, the amount of tax charged and the consideration of the supply.
Note: all 7 criteria must be met for the invoice to meet the requirements of a Tax Invoice.

44. If I don’t wish to do an online purchase, can I come to you?

Yes you can come to store at the address on the website link Contact Us.

45. Are your online payments secure?

We are committed to providing secure online payment facilities.

46. What if I wish to cancel my order?

An order may only be cancelled before it has been dispatched.

47. When do the annual publications like the SAICA Handbooks, Silke, Notes on SA Income Tax come out?

Around the first 3 weeks in January.

48. Are the SAICA Handbooks the latest edition for this year because they showing last year’s date and this year’s date?

Yes they are. They are prescribed by SAICA and your university for the current academic year.

49. Are there any changes from last year’s edition to this year’s edition?

Please check with your lecturer.

50. What are your banking details?

Standard Bank
Discount Textbooks CC
Acc No. 205886612
Parktown Branch
Branch Code 000355

51. What are your payment methods?

In store: Cash, EFT, Fundi, Debit Cards, Credit Cards (except American Express and Diners Club).
Online: EFT, Cash Deposit, Debit Cards, Credit Cards (except American Express and Diners Club).

52. The book I am looking for is not on your website?

If it is a local book, please email us with full details of the book and we will try and source it for you and revert with a price.

53. I wish to make bulk purchases of a book which is neither accounting or law?

If you wish to make bulk purchases of local or overseas publications which is neither accounting or law, we will gladly specially order it for you at the most competitive price.

54. Will you give me a further discount if I make bulk purchases of a certain title?

Please email us and we will gladly offer you a further discount if you ordering certain titles in bulk eg.10 or more copies of a certain title.

55. What if my book is missing pages or is misprinted?

This is a common problem which occurs in about 5% of the books in which case we will swap it for you.

56. Why are my SAICA books missing pages?
Due to the voluminous nature of these books, this is a common problem.

57. How long do I have to swap my book with missing pages or misprint?
You can bring it back any time during the calendar year to swap for a new one together with your proof of purchase.

58. How do I find the books for 2nd year BAcc at UJ?
Go to top Menu bar Choose Your Campus UJ – BAcc  2nd year.

59. How do I do a quote for my bursary donor or employer?
On the title, click Add to quote. Then click on View quote. Then insert company details. Then submit quote request. The quote will be sent to us for approval where after it will be emailed to you on the next business day.

60. I need a book extremely urgently. What can I do?
Search for the title on the magnifying glass to check if we have stock where after you can come to store during our business hours and get it over the counter.

. What is an ISBN?
ISBN stands for international student book number. It is a 13 digit numeric commercial book identifier which is unique. An ISBN is assigned to each separate edition and variation (except reprintings) of a publication. It can be found on the back cover of the book and on the copyright page.

62. Do I need to register and login on your website or can I proceed as guest checkout?
No you can proceed straight to checkout as a guest.

63. What are loose-leaf publications?
Loose-leaf refers to the printed format of these services. Loose pages are filed in binders that are updated with new pages sent out regularly by the publishers. These new pages contain recent changes to the law. As such, they are usually quite up-to-date. One needs to subscribe for these updates with the publisher. These updates are released annually or by-annually.