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ISBN 9781485100058
Author Du Plessis et al
Edition 1st

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Over the past twenty years, the South African courts, and particularly the Constitutional Court, have developed a rich set of rules and principles applicable to cases that involve constitutional matters. Constitutional Litigation gathers together those rules and principles into a comprehensive, but digestible and easily accessible, book that will be of interest and value not only to the newcomer to constitutional litigation, but also to the more seasoned practitioner.

Constitutional Litigation examines the constitutional jurisdiction of the High Court and the Supreme Court of Appeal (and certain other specialist courts), and considers the various rules peculiar to these courts that are often relevant to constitutional litigation, such as the admission of an amicus curiae, the duty to raise a constitutional matter as early as possible in the proceedings, and the duty to join the relevant organ of state in a case involving a constitutional issue. Ultimately, though, it is the Constitutional Court that is the central focus of the book. The following areas are covered: jurisdiction, confirmation proceedings, applications for leave to appeal and direct access procedures, constitutional remedies, costs, interlocutory proceedings, and hearings.

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