ISBN 9781485132875
Author Coetze et al
Edition 9th


Fundamental Accounting presents basic, yet essential knowledge required for first-year Financial Accounting courses at universities and universities of technology. This ninth edition builds on the excellent foundations of previous editions, including updated legislative compliance chapters aligned to the Companies Act 71 of 2008 and IFRS updates to chapters and the questions that are affected by the discontinuation of cheques.  These changes especially impact Chapter 11, but will also see smaller amendments in the other foundational chapter leading to the main chapter on cash transactions an updated chapter on the framework of accounting with exam-standard questions added, along with illustrative examples to guide your approach in answering questions.

This book’s easy-to-understand presentation of complex accounting concepts and principles, its logical, conceptual approach and numerous working examples make the content accessible and the study of Accounting less intimidating. Excel with Fundamental Accounting – your first step to success and a solid foundation for further studies in Accounting.