ISBN 9780190748111
Author Du Plessis et al
Edition 2nd


Introduction to Law and Legal Skills in South Africa, Second Edition, offers an inspiring, progressive and immersive introduction to the study of South African law, for students who are beginning a programme of legal studies. The text offers an introduction to South African legal history and the structure of the South African legal system, and an orientation to key areas of substantive law. Thoroughly revised and updated, this second edition offers an inclusive, decolonised approach, engaging readers to learn about law with a purposeful and critical perspective that foregrounds social justice and diversity.

 Introduction to Law and Legal Skills in South Africa is designed to effectively advance the development of knowledge and skills through applied learning and immersion within context. The text provides a solid and innovative foundation for the development of crucial, empowering skills, including reading of legal material, legal writing, legal research, legal problem solving, analysis, reasoning, and critical thinking.