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Banking Law and Practice (2 binders)


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Author Moorcroft, Vessio
Edition Lexis Nexis

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A comprehensive commentary on banking law and practice which includes legislation.

Practical and concise, Banking Law and Practice contains a discussion of the case law, legislation, common law principles and the work of academics pertaining to banking and the law with the relevant public and private law dealt within one volume.

The publication discusses topics such as the Banking Association, the Code of Banking Practice, the Banking Enquiry, the Uniform Customs and Practice, the Compliance function, client acceptance, money laundering, the contractual relationship between bank and client, delictual liability, electronic banking, the National Credit Act, and the National Payment System.

Banking Law and Practice is intended as a concise but comprehensive guide for practitioners and students alike.

The publication includes the Banks Act and the Banking Regulations in the second binder.

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