ISBN 9781485140276
Author Smith, A et al
Edition 10th


This tenth edition of Hockly’s Insolvency Law has been renamed Hockly’s Law of Insolvency, Winding-up and Business Rescue to reflect the changes to the three main fields that it discusses.

Features distinguishing this tenth edition include these:

  • Developments over the last ten years since the previous edition are summarized, including the statutory changes and the decisions of the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court of Appeal and leading decisions of the High Court.
  • In particular, business rescue is now discussed in three chapters, and the company’s compromise with its creditors is discussed in its own separate chapter.
  • The introduction encourages readers to consider the need for reforming insolvency law in the 21st century, to read the law with a critical and creative eye, and to ponder the policy choices to be made.
  • Chapter 7 on uncompleted contracts has been rearranged, opening with a pigeonholing approach to analyzing contracts, followed by a statement of the supporting common law and a discussion of a series of specific contracts analyzed according to which of the contractants is now in sequestration or liquidation.
  • The text is even more accessible, with extra explanation for readers with limited library access, and the book is available as an e-book.
  • Learners with a strong visual sense are shown examples of diagrams and timelines to help analyze complicated sets of facts and apply complicated provisions to them. It is recommended that they should identify the debtor in red in their diagrams.