ISBN 9781485126553
Author Van Blerk
Edition 1st


The Precedents for Applications in Civil Proceedings has been written to assist all, from aspirant novices to experienced practitioners. The book contains more than 100 examples covering an extensive range of more than 50 subjects, with commentary on the requirements of applications and the identification of typical defences.

Precedents for Applications in Civil Proceedings comprises four parts:

  • Part 1 – Introduction and General Guidelines: advice on drafting with emphasis on application papers;
  • Part 2 – Generic Applications and General Matters: generic applications such as interdicts, reviews, appellate applications and the like;
  • Part 3 – Procedural, Interlocutory and Incidental Applications Matters: An extensive range of interlocutory, incidental and procedural applications;
  • Part 4 – Specific Substantive Applications: Comprising a wide range of subjects with commentary and precedents thereon.